FDA: A History
The only documentary to tell the story of the first 100 years of the U.S. FDA
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FDA: A History Documentary:: About

Film includes never before seen photos and footage

Woman at bottling at manufacturing plant 1860s

"FDA: A History" started with a need for an industrial training film that tied together all of the functions of the FDA. As a trainer for FDA regulated industry, filmmaker Greg Meyer saw a niche for a well told history of the agency to be used in training programs for all levels of personnel in pharmaceutical, medical device and food manufacturing companies. He also saw a need for a documentary that could explain the why's and how's of this technical agency to the non-technical audience - the American consumer.

The project started in 2003 as Greg Meyer began to piece together the story of the FDA by a comprehensive reading of the available books and articles on the FDA. As the 100 year anniversary of the Agency approached in 2006, the documentary began to come to life. Over the next 2 years, Greg Meyer travelled the country and interviewed over 35 experts, critics and alumni of the FDA. He and Susie Idzik gathered photographs and government made training films to supplement the story giving it a rich historical context.

In an effort to stay neutral in their story telling, the filmmakers Greg Meyer and Susie Idzik self-funded the documentary. They felt strongly that funding from any government, non-profit or corporate source could introduce bias and damage the credibility of the documentary.

As the documentary evolved it was clear that it would have a much greater audience than the initial training film concept.

"FDA: A Historyā€¯ will be enjoyed by regulated industry professionals, historians, government and American history scholars, doctors, pharmacists, public health professionals, teachers in high school and colleges, and anyone else who likes a good documentary.